The Complete List of NVIDIA Shield Software Updates

Last Updated on September 6, 2023 by Tim Wells

The NVIDIA Shield TV and Shield Pro are the longest manufacturer supported Android devices in history. The 2015 Shield TV is still receiving updates to this day.

In this article, we’ll cover the entire history of the NVIDIA Shield Experience software updates, and what’s changed along the way.

If you’re looking to find out exactly when the NVIDIA Shield got a particular feature or app, read on.

What is the NVIDIA Shield Experience Upgrade?

The Shield Experience is the software package NVIDIA uses to provide new features, bug fixes, new apps, and new NVIDIA Shield games. Occasionally, the NVIDIA Shield Experience even includes an update to a more recent version of Android TV. 

The NVIDIA Shield Experience is a free upgrade, available for every Shield TV and Shield Pro generation. It’s a big part of what makes the NVIDIA Shield so unique. 

How to Get the Latest NVIDIA Shield Experience

If you’re a Shield owner, you’ve probably seen notification messages on your home screen like the one below. It’s telling you there’s a new version of the Shield Experience, and the system will automatically install it for you overnight. 

Shield Experience update notification

Alternately, you can choose to perform the upgrade immediately by clicking the Details button. 

That takes you to a new screen that shows your download progress and a link to discover What’s New with that particular version of the NVIDIA Shield Experience. 

We’ll go through all of the Shield Experience updates, version by version, in a later section. So don’t worry if you skipped that screen by mistake. 

NVIDIA doesn’t have a set schedule to release new versions of the Shield Experience, so how do you know if you have the latest version?

NVIDIA Shield system upgrade settings

Does the NVIDIA Shield Update Automatically?

By default, yes. The system is set to Auto-Upgrade, but this is a setting you can change in the menu. You can even change what time you’d like the Shield to perform the upgrade, just in case the default time doesn’t work for you. 

How to Stop the NVIDIA Shield from Automatically Updating (Manual Updates)

Occasionally, NVIDIA includes a feature in the Shield Experience that you don’t want. Most recently, this happened when NVIDIA rolled out a new version of the Android TV home screen that included ads for sponsored content

This infuriated a lot of longtime Shield owners, myself included. So we looked for a way to roll back the upgrade and turn off manual updates. 

Thankfully, turning off Auto-Upgrade is easy. 

In the Settings menu –> About –> System Upgrade, you’ll find a toggle switch to enable or disable automatic updates. 

You’ll also find the option to manually check to see if you have the latest version of the Shield Experience.

NVIDIA Shield is up to date

How to Read Software Versions

Shield Experience versions are written in standard software notation. 

The first number refers to major releases, like updating to a new Android TV version or adding significant new features. 

  • Shield Software Upgrade 2.0: Added GeForce Now
  • Shield Software Upgrade 3.0: Updated to Android TV 6 ‘Marshmallow’
  • Shield Experience Version 5.0: Updated to Android TV 7 ‘Nougat’
  • Shield Experience Version 6.0: Added support for Google Assistant
  • Shield Experience Version 7.0: Updated to Android TV 8.0 ‘Oreo’
  • Shield Experience Version 8.0: Updated to Android TV 9 ‘Pie’
  • Shield Experience Version 9.0: Updated to Android TV 11

The second number tracks minor changes. You’ll still find some significant changes in this list, but they won’t be as groundbreaking as what you’ll see in a major release. 

Finally, the third number refers to bug fixes. NVIDIA releases bug fixes reasonably often as new issues are discovered. 

NVIDIA Shield Experience Version History

This section will cover the entire history of software updates for the NVIDIA Shield TV and Shield Pro. 

If you’ve ever wondered when a particular feature or app was added to the Shield, this is where you’ll find it. It would be a great tool if NVIDIA made a change you didn’t like, and you want to roll back the firmware to an earlier version.

Shield Software Upgrade 1.1 (changelog)

  • Integrates Google Voice Search into the Shield controller’s NVIDIA button. 
  • Enables Surround Sound and High-Resolution Audio through Dolby® 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound pass-through. High-resolution audio supported up to 24-bit/192 kHz over USB or HDMI.
  • Allows Wi-Fi Connections Away From Home
    • Added support for ‘captive portal’ so you can connect to wireless networks that require web authentication, like hotel Wi-Fi or restaurants.
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • Netflix
    • Upgrades YouTube to 4K
  • New Settings:
    • HDMI-CEC:
      • Allows the NVIDIA Shield to automatically turn on your TV and switch it to the correct input source.
      • Allows TV remotes to control SHIELD with up, down, right, left, select, and exit buttons.
    • Adds quick access to Sleep Now and Restart functions on the Settings row of the home screen. 
    • LED brightness adjustment for the green light bar on SHIELD
    • Ability to automatically move newly installed Apps to an SD Card
    • View available storage space on your SD Card or USB storage
    • Adds the ability to synchronize audio with the video stream with Audio Video Sync.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Upgrades operating system to Android 5.1
    • Adds 10-bit Rec. 2020 color space for Netflix
    • Adds 3:2 pull-down support for smooth 24 FPS video playback
    • Adds 8-bit 4.2.0 color space support for 4K 60 FPS video
    • Adds NTFS and exFAT support for SD Cards

Shield Software Upgrade 1.2 (changelog)

  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • Fox Sports Go
    • EPIX
    • CBS News
    • CBS Sports
    • Photos & Videos can now share pictures in 4K
    • Optimizes Google Play Movies
  •  New Games:
    • Doom 3: BFG Edition
    • Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series (NVIDIA Shield exclusive)
    • Machinarium
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Improves streaming quality for NVIDIA GameStream when using GeForce Experience on your PC.
    • Boosts audio level for recorded or broadcasted gameplay using NVIDIA Share.
    • Delivers enhancements for SD card auto-move setting.
    • Improves responsiveness for select wireless keyboards.
  • Accessory Firmware Updates:
    • Shield Remote adds low battery notification and other minor performance upgrades. 

Shield Software Upgrade 1.3 (changelog)

  • New Apps:
    • Qello Concerts
    • Fox News
  • New Games:
    • Half-Life 2: Episode Two
    • Never Alone
    • QUBE: Director’s Cut
  • Other Enhancements:
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance

Shield Software Upgrade 1.4 (changelog)

  • New Apps:
    • FXNOW
    • WWE Network
    • Fox Sports Go
    • CBS Sports
    • CBS News
    • The Weather Network
  • New Games:
    • This War of Mine
    • Xenowerk
    • Windward
    • Killing Floor: Calamity
    • Flyhunter Origins
    • Twin Runners 2
    • Pure Pool

NVIDIA Games app on NVIDIA Shield TV

Shield Software Upgrade 2.0 (changelog)

The first significant upgrade to the NVIDIA Shield wasn’t a new version of Android TV. The 2015 NVIDIA Shield launched with Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Android 6 wouldn’t be released for some time. 

However, NVIDIA added support for GeForce Now, its flagship game streaming service, to its flagship streaming device. 

GeForce Now enabled users to stream their PC games to their NVIDIA Shield, as long as they had a supported NVIDIA graphics card. While this is relatively common these days, it was pretty revolutionary for its time. 

  • GeForce NOW
    • Unlimited streaming of over 50 PC games from NVIDIA cloud gaming supercomputers.
  • New Media Features & Support:
    • Adds pass-through support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio lossless audio
    • Adds MPEG2, VC-1, and WMV9 hardware-acceleration
    • Adds M2TS, ASF, and WMV container support for VC-1
    • Adds WMA audio support (including WMA Pro and WMA Lossless)
    • 23.976 Hz playback support
    • Overscan adjustment
  • New Games:
    • Battle of Sol
    • Unkilled
    • Pac-Man 256
    • Chariot
    • Pix the Cat
    • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    • Heckabomb
    • Whispering Willows
    • Titan Souls
  • Games Enhanced to 4K Ultra HD:
    • Beach Buggy Racing
    • Bombsquad
    • Hardwood Solitaire IV
    • Riptide GP 2
    • Kosmik Revenge
    • Video Poker Duel
    • Leo’s Fortune
    • Machinarium
    • Meltdown
    • Never Alone
    • Samurai II
    • Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Improves video playback for Netflix and YouTube.
    • Adds the ability to transfer files from USB attached storage to a MicroSD card using Android file managers
    • Manually turn off the Shield controller by holding the NVIDIA button on the controller for six seconds.
    • Improves audio latency for gameplay by 40ms compared to standard Android OS.

Shield Software Upgrade 2.1 (changelog) 

  • New Apps:
    • Showtime
    • Disney Movies Anywhere
  • New Games:
    • Contrast
    • Pix the Cat
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Improves HDMI black levels and HDMI compatibility

Shield Software Upgrade 2.2 (changelog)

  • New Apps:
    • HBO Go
    • PSB Video
  • New Games:
    • Minecraft: Story Mode
    • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    • CODEX The Warrior
    • X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

Old NVIDIA Shield interface

Shield Software Upgrade 3.0 (changelog)

In early 2016, the NVIDIA Shield got the first of many updates to its operating system. 

Until this point, it was common for Android manufacturers to ship a product and only provide minor updates and security updates after that. This major update changed everything. 

Little did we know that the 2015 NVIDIA Shield would still be getting OS updates over half a decade later. 

  • Upgrades OS to Android TV 6.0 Marshmallow
    • Includes a new home screen background, plus a redesigned Google Play Store.
    • Customize the recommendations row or re-order your app and game tiles.
    • Added encryption for SD cards and external USB storage.
    • Added voice setup for new Shield devices using Google Assistant. Just say “OK, Google, set up my device” from your phone, and your Google account and Wi-Fi password will be automatically transferred to your TV.
  • New Apps:
    • Crunchyroll
    • HBONow
    • Showtime Anytime
    • HBO Go
    • PBS
    • Fox Now
    • Starz Play
    • Twitch
    • UFC
    • UltraFlix 4K
  • New Games:
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    • Minecraft Story Mode
    • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    • Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
    • Dead Effect 2
    • Octodad
    • Geometry Ward: Dimensions Evolved
    • XPlane 10
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Tomb Raider
    • Bombshell
    • Grim Fandango Remastered
    • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    • Marlow Brigs: Mask of Death
    • Massive Chalice
    • How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
    • Oceanworn
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Option to set 1080p 60Hz resolution on Ultra HD TVs.
    • Option to set RGB Full Range in HDMI Dynamic Range settings.
    • Improved color support for YUV 4:2:0 video playback.
    • Added support for the Vulkan graphics API.
    • Improved support for Denon receivers.
    • Added CEC volume control support for more audio receivers.
    • Hold the Back button to jump directly to the power menu on the home screen.
    • Use the Shield controller via wireless when charging via USB, including headset audio and voice search.
Setup Android TV with your phone

Shield Software Upgrade 3.1 (changelog)

  • New Games:
    • Borderlands; The Pre-Sequel
    • Super Mega Baseball
    • Real Racing 3
    • Puddle
    • The Walking Dead: Michonne
    • Parallax
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Lego Jurassic World
    • Soma
    • Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed
    • Murdered: Soul Suspect
    • Sleeping Dogs
    • Space Marine
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added mouse navigation using the Shield controller’s right analog stick. Supported automatically for apps that don’t already use the right analog stick.
    • Added USB mouse support
    • External USB drive detection
    • SD card formatting
    • FTP write access
    • Improved HDMI-CEC
    • Improved idle and sleep stability.
    • Android security updates

Shield Software Upgrade 3.2 (changelog)

  • NVIDIA Shield becomes the first streaming device to add HDR support to the Netflix Android TV app.
  • Added 4K 60FPS on YouTube
  • Added 4K support to VUDU.
  • Added Plex Media Server on NVIDIA Shield Pro
  • Dolby Atmos pass-through support in VUDU, MX Player, SPMC, and Shield’s preinstalled Photos & Videos app.
    • Added support for mounting network-attached storage devices (NAS).
  • New Apps:
    • VUDU   
    • Watch ESPN
    • Spotify
    • STARZ
    • Curiosity Stream
    • Toon Goggles
    • Plex Media Server (Shield Pro only)
  • New Games:
    • Resident Evil
    • Super Beat Box
    • Ultimate Chicken Horse
    • Not a Hero
    • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones
    • Stikbold
    • Super Slam Dunk Touchdown
    • Breakneck
    • Lost Echo
    • Space Hulk
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Mad Max
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 4
    • Jotun
    • Alpha Protocol: The Espionage RPG
    • ShADWEN
    • Pollen
    • Dead Island Riptide: Definitive Edition
    • Hard Reset Redux
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Connect NVIDIA Shield to your PC or Mac and enjoy drag-and-drop file sharing.
    • Automatically turn off your TV when SHIELD sleeps.
    • Enable YCbCr 4:4:4 color space for improved video quality on supported TVs. Go to Settings > HDMI > Color space.
    • Improves picture quality for RGB TVs
    • Improves video playback for 23.976 Hz refresh rate
    • Improves TV compatibility
    • Android security updates

Shield Software Upgrade 3.3 (changelog)

  • Adds support for DTS :X audio pass-through in Plex, Kodi, and MX Player.
  • New Apps:
    • PlayStation Vue
    • Disney Channel
    • Disney Junior
    • Disney XD
    • ABC
    • FandangoNOW
    • CNN go
    • MTV
    • nick
    • Freeform
  • New Games:
    • Shadow Warrior 2
    • Hitman
    • Lego Star Wars
    • Abzu
    • The Guest
    • Kingdom
    • Pavilion
    • Uncertain
    • Riptide
    • Auralux: Constellations
    • Virginia
    • Knee Deep
    • Deadlight
    • Thief
    • Assembly
    • Q-bert Rebooted
    • Borderlands 2
    • Splash Cars
    • Alto’s Adventure
    • Mercenary Kings
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added Dolby Atmos audio pass-through support in Plex
    • Adds support for Vulkan Conformance Test Suite
    • Android security updates

NVIDIA Shield Experience

Shield Experience 5.0 (changelog)

Out with the old. In with the new. 

The Shield TV’s software updates were rebranded to the NVIDIA Shield Experience. This added some brand synergy between the Shield and the PC’s GeForce Experience. They also skipped version 4.0 entirely.

Mainly, the updates in Shield Experience 5.0 allowed the 2015 Shield to keep pace with the Shield 2017, released that same year. 

  • Upgrades OS to Android TV 7.0 Nougat
    • Includes a Recent Apps page to quickly jump to recent apps by double-pressing the home button.
    • Added picture-in-picture support.
    • Improved Settings menu with new right-side vertical navigation. 
  • NVIDIA Games App
    • Discover a vast library of NVIDIA Shield games in one place. It includes GeForce NOW games, exclusive Android games, and NVIDIA GameStream games. 
    • Adds installed games to an NVIDIA Games channel on your home screen. 
    • Replaces the former Shield Hub app and its associated home screen tiles (SHIELD games, GeForce NOW, and GameStream). 
    • GeForce NOW performance upgrades, including GameStream in 4K HDR
  • New Games:
    • Mini Ninjas
    • LUMO
    • No Man’s Sky
    • Trine: Enchanted Edition
    • The Witcher Wild Hunt: GOTY Edition
    • The Witness
    • Jade Empire: Special Edition
    • Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
    • Space Marshalls
  • New Apps:
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Nest
    • NFL app
    • Twitter for TV
    • Comedy Central
    • Vimeo
    • Viki
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added Pause/Play button functionality on the SHIELD remote by double-tapping on the volume slider.
    • Added ability to write to attached USB or SD card storage.
    • Added 4.1, 6.1, and 8.1 speaker configurations for Plex.
    • Enabled casting on HBO GO.

Shield Experience 5.1 (changelog)

  • Added Rumble Support for GeForce NOW
  • New Games:
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    • Just Cause 2
    • Diluvion
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Support for encrypted VP9 with subsampling.
    • Enhanced system performance and stability.

Shield Experience 5.2 (changelog)

  • Watch and Record Live TV with Plex
    • NVIDIA Shield now supports select USB tuners for Plex Live TV
    • Record TV shows and movies directly to your network-attached storage (NAS) via Plex. (Plex Pass required.)
  • Additional 4K titles added to Google Play Movies.
  • Added Chromecast 4K built-in to enable casting Netflix, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and VUDU from your phone to SHIELD in 4K.
  • 5.1 surround audio when casting Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, VUDU, HBO GO, and PLEX
  • New Apps:
    • Facebook Video
    • NBC
  • New Games:
    • MYST
    • Riven
    • Cluster Truck
    • The Final Station
    • Stunt Wheels Party!
    • Paragon
    • Heart Slash
    • Yooka-Laylee
    • Marvel Heroes 2016
  • Other Enhancements:
    • YouTube cast up to 4K 60fps
    • Wi-Fi performance and stability improvements
    • Network storage directory and connectivity improvements
    • Android security updates
  • Accessory Firmware Versions:
    • Shield Remote upgrade to firmware v1.11
    • Shield Remote with headphone jack upgrade to firmware v1.10
    • Shield Controller upgrade to firmware v1.04

Google Assistant on NVIDIA Shield

Shield Experience 6.0 (changelog)

Shield Experience 6.0 is one of the few major updates to the NVIDIA Shield that did not include an operating system refresh. Google was making a major marketing push for Google Assistant, and there was no better platform to show off what it could do than the Shield TV. 

  • Google Assistant Comes to Shield TV for hands-free voice control.
    • Things to try:
      • “Watch Game of Thrones on HBO.”
      • “Open my Nest camera.”
      • “Dim the living room lights.”
      • “Show me popular Netflix shows.”
      • “Who plays the Mother of Dragons?”
      • “Play Ariana Grande videos.”
      • “Show me my pictures from Iceland.”
      • “Ask Domino’s to order a pizza.”
    • Adds the SmartThings Link to act as a SmartThings hub.
      • Control hundreds of smart devices around your home with automated routines and voice control.
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • TBS
    • TNT
    • Tablo Engine
    • YouTube Kids
    • Vudu added voice search and an updated interface.
    • YouTube app updated to add support for 360-degree video.
  • New Games
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (HD Edition)
    • Everspace
    • Batman: Arkham Knight
    • The Descendant
    • The Surge
    • Bioshock Remastered
    • Bioshock 2 Remastered
    • The Burasu: XCOM Declassified
    • Borderlands 2: GOTY
    • SPEC Ops: The Line
  • Other Enhancements
    • Added support to stream DTS-HD Master Audio to older DTS-capable receivers.
    • Allows users to power on your TV and receiver simultaneously using CEC and IR.
    • Added accessories setting to pause playback by double-tapping the volume slider.
    • Android security updates.
  • Accessory Firmware Versions:
    • Shield remote upgraded to firmware v1.15.
    • Shield remote with headphone jack upgraded to firmware v1.16.
    • Shield controller upgraded to firmware v1.14.

Shield Experience 6.1 (changelog)

  • Added Google Assistant support for HULU, Uber, Target, Walmart, Costco, and More.
  • New Apps:
    • YouTube TV
    • SmartThings Link
  • New Games:
    • Obduction
    • Jackbox Party Pack 4
    • Outlast
    • Outlast 2
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added TV on/off over IR for SHIELD Remote.
    • Improved Logitech Harmony Hub setup over Bluetooth.
    • Android security updates, including fixes for WPA2 protocol (KRACK).

Shield Experience 6.2 (changelog)

  • Adds Google Assistant voice-control support for your Ecobee Thermostat.
  • View Your Logitech Cam on your NVIDIA Shield using Google Assistant.
    • Control And Monitor Your LG SmartThinQ appliances with Google Assistant.
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • Amazon Music
    • VUDU now supports HDR10 and Google Assistant Now
    • Plex Adds Support for Google Assistant
    • Movies Anywhere
    • Hotstar
  • New Games:
    • Metal Gear Solid 3 HD
    • Destiny 2
    • FIFA 18
    • Star Wars Battlefront II.        
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Android security updates.
  • Accessory Firmware Updates: 
    • Shield remote (2017) for improved responsiveness.

Shield Experience 6.3 (changelog)

  • View your Nest cameras on NVIDIA Shield using Google Assistant. 
  • Record OTA (over-the-air) broadcast TV without commercials using Plex DVR. 
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • Cartoon Network
    • The Magic of LEGO
    • SiriusXM
    • Tidal
    • VLC adds Picture-in-Picture and support for 360-degree video.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Support for the playback of YUV 8 bit BT 2020 videos.
    • A new USB compatibility mode for users with attached USB storage/accessories improves Bluetooth/wireless performance.
    • Android security updates.
  • Accessory Firmware Versions:
    • SHIELD controller (2017): v1.18
    • SHIELD controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
    • SHIELD remote (2017): v1.28
    • SHIELD remote (rechargeable): v.1.22

New NVIDIA Shield TV home screen

Shield Experience 7.0 (changelog)

This was easily the most significant update to date for the NVIDIA Shield. 

Shield Experience 7.0 upgraded to Android TV 8.0, including a radically new home screen design. Although it got mixed reactions at the time, this provided a much-needed update to freshen up Android TV’s look and feel.

I’ve covered Android TV since its release in 2014. In my opinion, this was the tipping point where Android TV finally broke away from its smartphone and tablet origins to come into its own as a streaming platform.

  • Upgrades OS to Android TV 8.0 Oreo
  • Major refresh to the Android TV home screen.
    • Added a user-customizable Favorite Apps channel
    • Added a Play Next channel to continue where you left off in TV shows, movies, and games. 
    • Added Channels row with recommendations from your favorite apps. Users can choose to display or hide individual channels. 
  • Google Assistant Updates:
    • Six New Voices
    • New smart home partners
      • Arlo cameras
      • Emerson Sensi
      • Ikea Tadfri
      • LG Smart Appliances
      • Scenes support for Phillips Hue.
    • New services
      • UPS
      • Dunkin’ Donuts
      • Lonely Planet Travel Guide
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
  • ESPN+
  • FandangoNOW
  • CNBC Live
  • Dish Anywhere
  • Amazon Prime Video (major interface update)
  • YouTube TV (adds YouTube Red Originals in 4K Ultra HD)
  • SmartThings Hub (performance update)
  • New Games:
    • Shadowgun Legends
    • Crashlands
    • Morphite
    • Dandara
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added quick access to the Settings menu by holding the Back button.
    • NVIDIA GameStream now supports high polling rate gaming mice.
    • Improved support for Xbox 360 and DualShock 4 v2 controllers.
    • Added “Connect” option to re-pair disconnected Bluetooth accessories.
    • Adds the ability to connect to Wi-Fi without disconnecting Ethernet. 
    • Android security updates
    • Accessory firmware versions:
      • Shield controller (2017): v1.25
      • Shield controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
      • Shield remote (2017): v1.33
      • Shield remote (rechargeable): v.1.30

Shield Experience 7.1 (changelog)

  • Added GeForce NOW free beta
  • New GeForce NOW features:
    • In-Game Chat
    • NVIDIA SHIELD TV Mobile App
    • Keyboard and Mouse Support
  • Additional language support for Google Assistant
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • IFC
    • AMC
    • Boomerang
    • Wired
    • Netflix (new interface)
    • YouTube (additional Google Assistant support)
    • Amazon Prime Video (adds X-Ray)
    • HDHomerun (Premium Service and Encrypted Channel Support)
  • New Games:
    • Suzy Cube
    • Sir Questionnaire
    • Evoland 2
    • Implosion – Never Lose Hope
    • Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
    • SnakEscape
    • Stickman Soccer 2018
    • Other Enhancements:
      • Enable\Disable NVIDIA Share to take screenshots or share content. 
      • Added “Restart” to Quick Settings on NVIDIA Shield 2017. 
      • Added “Power off” to Quick Settings on NVIDIA Shield Pro and Shield TV 2015.
      • Added a new shortcut to instantly sleep your Shield. 
      • Added 120 Hz display modes for supported TVs and monitors.
    • Accessory firmware versions:
      • Shield controller (2017): v1.25
      • Shield controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
      • Shield remote (2017): v1.35
      • Shield remote (rechargeable): v.1.30

Shield Experience 7.2 (changelog)

  • Additional Google Home and Google Assistant Support:
    • Turn on your NVIDIA Shield by voice command and jump straight into your favorite Netflix shows.
    • Google Assistant added podcasts and routines.
    • New things to try using “Hey Google”:
      • Watch Ozark on Shield
      • Pause on Shield
      • Open Hulu on Shield
      • Turn off Shield
  • Added voice control support for Alexa and Amazon Echo.
    • Things to try using “Alexa”:
      • Turn on Shield
      • Turn up the volume on Shield
      • Open Prime Video on Shield
      • Turn off Shield
  • New or Upgraded Apps
    • Amazon Music Unlimited
    • DC Universe
    • NFL Sunday Ticket
    • Tubi
    • DAZN
    • Pokemon TV
    • VRV
    • Amazon Prime Video (Dolby Atmos support)
    • YouTube (5.1 surround sound support)
    • Fubo TV (4K playback for select FOX and FS1 sports events)
  • New Games
    • Bridge Constructor Portal
    • Fractal Space HD
    • Antventor           
    • Deer Hunter 2018
    • Jump Drive
    • Teslagrad
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Fallout 76
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
    • Life is Strange 2
    • Megaman 11
    • Valkyria Chronicles 4
    • Immortal: Unchained
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added customizable Quick Settings.
    • Added option to auto-upgrade Shield.
    • Added support for SMBv3 when mounting network storage to your NVIDIA Shield
    • Added ability to sleep idle USB drives.
    • Fixed Bluetooth remote pairing issues.
    • Added ability to control soundbar power on/off via IR.
    • Added network link speed when connected via Ethernet.
    • Added ability to migrate app data from SD Card to internal storage on 2015 NVIDIA Shield and Shield Pro.
    • Adds the ability to control TV/AVR volume over HDMI-CEC from Amazon Echo.
    • Added option to disconnect Bluetooth audio devices.
    • Improved responsiveness of Shield TV mobile app when connected over Wi-Fi.
    • Android security updates.
  • Accessory firmware versions:
    • Shield controller (2017): v1.27
    • Shield controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
    • Shield remote (2017): v1.38
    • Shield remote (2015): v.1.32

Shield Experience 7.2.1

  • Added 4K HDR support on iTunes, Google Play Movies, FandangoNOW, Vudu, Prime Video, and Movies Anywhere. 
  • New or Enhanced Apps:
    • The CW
    • CW Seed
    • Paramount Network
    • Olympic Channel
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Resolves port blocking issue with SmartThings on Shield.
    • Fixed issues some issues where USB storage is not detected on active hubs.
    • Removes erroneous error message when canceling NAS connection attempt.
    • Removes incorrect warning displayed when connecting the Shield TV mobile app to Shield. 

Shield Experience 7.2.2

  • Other Enhancements:
    • Fixes Keyboard/Mouse functionality for PUBG Mobile.
    • Fixes bug where colors are displayed incorrectly on Chrome/Puffin browsers.
    • Resolves storage quota issues when transferring files from PC to Shield. 
    • Fixed issue where Dualshock 3 controller would not pair properly over Bluetooth.
    • Fixed issue affecting Xbox One wired controller functionality.
    • Resolved issues where PLEX would not access content on NAS.
    • Addresses issues where NAS would not manually mount correctly.
    • Resolves bug where PLEX was not detecting Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD 1590.
    • Fixes bug where the home screen is displayed while mounting network storage.
    • Fixes bug where Dynamic Range advanced display setting was not working.
    • Improves network connectivity when connecting to router through local DNS or gateway.
    • Resolves issue where Sling app would not be available.
    • Adds setting to automatically switch color modes.

NVIDIA Shield: AI-Enhanced Upscaling

Shield Experience 8.0 (changelog)

Shield Experience 8.0 is a bit of a mixed bag. You’d be forgiven for glossing over it, thinking it was just an OS refresh, some new apps, and bug fixes. 

That’s fair…until Shield Experience 8.2 when they released AI Upscaling for the Shield 2019

There’s no other way to say it: AI upscaling is a game-changer. It breathes new life into older, low-resolution content and makes it look outstanding on modern 4K televisions. 

  • Upgrades OS to Android TV 9.0 Pie
    • Redesigned Settings menu
    • Remarkably streamlined setup for new users.
  • New or Upgraded Apps
    • Hulu Live TV
    • Bravo
    • SYFY
    • E!
    • USA
    • Yahoo! Finance
    • XUMO
    • Lifetime
    • MotoGP
    • Netflix (Added Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio up to 640 kbps)
    • Prime Video (Added 4K Casting)
    • FandangoNOW (Added 4K + HDR) 
    • Twitch (new interface)
  • New Games and GeForce NOW Games:
    • GeForce NOW added over twenty new titles to the NVIDIA Shield.
    • Unknown Fate
    • SiNKR2
    • Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Breaks out the “Display and Sounds” advanced setting into two easier-to-navigate menus.
    • Added option to match content color space.
    • Improves volume dynamic range for USB and Bluetooth-connected headsets.
    • Shield TV remote app adds Bluetooth assist for pairing and enhances connection.
    • Enables 720p refresh rate switching on supported apps.
    • Added the “Disconnect Bluetooth accessories” option to quick settings.
    • Added IR power control options to customize on/off functionality.
    • Added option to turn off USB power when Shield sleeps.
    • Added option to connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network with shared SSID.
  • Latest accessory firmware versions:
    • Shield controller (2017): v1.30
    • Shield controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
    • Shield remote (2017): v1.43
    • Shield remote (2015): v.1.36

Shield Experience 8.0.1 (changelog)

  • Minor bug fixes for the 8.0 Android TV Pie upgrade.

Shield Experience 8.0.2 (changelog)

  • Added support for the new NVIDIA Shield Remote   
  • New or Upgraded Apps:
    • BET+
    • PLEX (additional free movies & TV shows)
  • New Games:
    • Jack Box Party Pack 6
    • ASPHALT 9
    • Brick Breaker
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Cuisine Royale
    • Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna
    • AVICII Invector
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added support for the new XBOX Elite 2 controller.
    • Added support for Sanscrit USB DAC.
    • Channels DVR app can now store recorded content on NAS.

Shield Experience 8.1.1 (changelog)

  • All Shield owners are now eligible for free trials and GeForce NOW Founders memberships.

Shield Experience 8.2 (changelog)

  • 60 FPS AI upscaling on 2019 SHIELD TV Pro
    • Supports movies, TV shows, live sports, 60 FPS YouTube content, and Twitch streams.
  • Additional customizations for your menu button
    • Adds double-tap and long-press actions to customize the menu button on the new Shield remote. Options include:
      • Switch input (IR only)
      • Start Daydream  
  • New or Upgraded Apps:
    • HBO Max            
    • Peacock
    • MasterClass
    • Redbox
  • New Games:
    • Shadowgun War Games
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Hyperscape
    • Death Stranding
    • Rocket League
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Just Cause 4 Reloaded
    • Two Point Hospital
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Adds SMBv3 support for local networks. 
    • Restores surround sound audio while casting.
    • Allows users to grant write access to NAS from installed apps.
    • Added ability to convert local HDR video content to SDR displays.
    • Added option to disable volume lowering when “OK Google” is detected on a Google Home device.
    • Restores Bluetooth LDAC support for supported headphones.
    • Android security updates.

Shield Experience 8.2.1 (changelog)

  • Other Enhancements:
    • Adds IR power control for projector displays
    • Adds IR power/volume control for the following brands
      • Arris
      • Atyme
      • BC Acoustique
      • Dayton
      • Kora
      • Monoprice
      • ONN
      • Point Source Acoustics
      • Savant
      • Sennheiser
      • SMSL
      • Tascam
    • Improves system volume levels when audio is routed to USB DAC or Bluetooth headset
    • Additional bug fixes.

Shield Experience 8.2.2 (changelog)

  • Other Enhancements:
    • Pair new Sony DualSense or Xbox Series X/S controllers to Shield. 
    • Shield TV now supports Control4 home automation systems.
  • New or Upgraded Apps:
    • Discovery+
    • Noggin
  • New Games:
    • Stickman Skate Battle
  • New GeForce NOW Games:
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Destiny 2: Beyond Light
    • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
    • Among Us
    • Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Improved IR volume control behavior with SHIELD Remote 2019 with Denon receivers
    • Additional bug fixes.
    • Android security updates. 

Shield Experience 8.2.3 (changelog)

  • Improves re-connection to Control4 IP based controllers
  • Adds support for SCUF Infinity4PS, SCUF Impact, and SCUF Prestige controllers
  • Adds support for single USB receiver connection to Corsair SLIPSTREAM wireless peripherals:
    • K57 RGB keyboard
    • Dark Core RGB Pro mouse
    • VIRTUOSO RGB wireless headset
    • Single USB configuration requires iCUE software and PC or MAC
  • Android security updates
  • Additional bug fixes

Shield Experience 9.0 (changelog)

After the events of 2020 and the chip shortages of 2021, you couldn’t blame Shield users for thinking that NVIDIA had finally decided to sunset their streaming player. 

After all, the 2015 Shield is the longest supported Android device by a long shot. 

However, NVIDIA surprised us at the beginning of 2022 by releasing Shield Experience 9.0, which upgraded all Shield versions to Android TV 11.

  • Upgrades OS to Android TV 11
    • Includes new privacy features and a new default keyboard with built-in text to speech capabilities.
  • GeForce NOW Enhancements
    • RTX 3080 owners can now stream PC games at 4K HDR.
    • Adds immersive 7.1 surround sound.
  • New or Upgraded Apps:
    • Apple TV
    • IMDb TV
    • IQIYI
    • Google Play Movies & TV (adds Dolby Vision support.)
  • New Games:
    • Apex Legends Emergence
    • Far Cry 6
    • Life is Strange: True Colors
    • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 3 Crystal Guard
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added support for aptX compatible Bluetooth headsets
    • Added option to automatically disconnect Bluetooth devices on sleep.
    • Added option to match content audio resolution for high-resolution audio.
    • Added the ability to use the new Gboard keyboard.
    • Added Energy Saver setting for additional power customization.
    • Added Stadia button support to XBOX, Playstation, and Shield controllers.
    • Android security updates.
    • Additional bug fixes.

Shield Experience 9.0.1 (changelog)

  • Minor bug fixes related to the upgrade to Android 11, including:
    • Resolves PLEX Media Server issues.
    • Fixes storage permissions on the media player, file browser, and emulator apps.
    • Fixes stutter when playing interlaced content.

Shield Experience 9.0.2 (changelog)

  • Additional minor bug fixes and enhancements, including:
    • Added notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage.
    • Fixes AI upscaling bug in Netflix [2019 Shield only].
    • Improves file transfer speeds.
    • Resolves pairing issues with Dual Shock 3, XBOX One S, XBOX Series S/X, and Switch Pro controllers.
    • Resolves crash issue with Google Play Games on 2015 and 2017 Shield TVs.
    • Fixed Twitch streaming bug while using NVIDIA Share.
    • Resolves recording issue with Channels app DVR function.
    • Fix detention bug on Mouse Toggle app with Select button.

Shield Experience 9.1 (changelog)

  • Automatic Game Mode
  • Added Night Listening Mode
  • New or Upgraded Apps:
    • Discovery+
    • YouTube TV (upgraded)
    • Disney+ (upgraded)
    • JioPages
    • Nebula
    • Equinox+
  • New Games:
    • Apex Legends: S13 (4K)
    • Rainbox Six Extraction (4K)
    • Dying Light 2 (4K)
    • Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (4K/HDR)
    • SIFU (4K)
    • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (4K/HDR)
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Includes Android security patch level April 2022
    • Adds notification when app uses microphone
    • [SHIELD Remote 2019] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with power or Netflix button
    • [Game Controllers] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with logo button
    • [SHIELD 2019] Adds option to match PCM audio with Dolby reference volume levels

Shield Experience 9.1.1 (changelog)

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements, including:
    • Resolves issue where TV remote would not control SHIELD 30 seconds after waking SHIELD
    • Resolves issues with CEC volume control not functioning properly on AV receivers or soundbars
    • Fixes bug with files not detected properly on connected removable storage
    • Resolves issue with SHIELD TV app not launching on select Samsung Galaxy phones
Tim Wells