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Sony Bravia TV Keeps Restarting: Here’s How to Fix It!

Some people run into a problem where their Sony Bravia TV keeps restarting, which sometimes interrupts them and causes problems.

Sure, you don’t want your TV to run all day, but you don’t want it to turn off in the middle of your show. Since this problem pops up and keeps happening, here are some tips to help you fix it.

Sony Bravia Android TV

How to Stop Your Sony Bravia TV From Restarting

First, you need to understand the type of reset your TV performs. For example, you may notice your TV continuously restarts after a firmware update. 

The TV resets typically once after an update, so you don’t need to worry about a single reset. However, make sure you know and understand why the reset occurs. If it only happens occasionally, you may need to check your TV, but you don’t need to follow through with most of these steps.

Update the Firmware

Sometimes, a Sony Bravia TV keeps restarting when it needs a firmware update. When an update occurs, the company sends it to all TVs to address problems.

The constant resets sometimes happen when you need to perform a system update. On the other hand, if you ignore firmware updates, the TV will reset itself. Unfortunately, you also can’t interrupt or turn off the TV while it performs the update, or you need to go through it again.

If you want to check your TV for an update, you can do so in the Sony Bravia TV settings menu. Navigate it, look for the update button, and see if your TV detects an update. If it does, it’ll perform the update once you select it.

You may need to perform updates on your TV browser apps, so look for any updates.

Turn It Off and On Again

It’s become a running joke in the IT field, but sometimes, turning the TV off and on again fixes the issue.

Unfortunately, while this step seems simple, people forget to try it. 

If the TV continues to reset after you try this step, you must try again while unplugging the TV. Don’t unplug the TV until it turns off, so you can avoid problems. Once you unplug the TV, you should wait ten seconds before plugging it back in.

Did Your TV Overheat?

You may notice your Sony TV keeps rebooting if you used it recently. For example, the resets happen if you leave the TV on for hours or watch a movie marathon. However, your TV may overheat when this happens, so it continues to reset or won’t stay on.

When a TV overheats, it could face damage if you continue to use it. To prevent this from happening, the TV will reset itself. If it feels hot, you need to leave it alone for a few hours until it cools down.

You can check the TV and see if it remains on after cooling off. If your TV randomly turns off after you use it for a few hours, you must try and take more breaks to avoid damaging your TV. If your TV breaks after overheating, you may need to replace it or seek assistance.

You can help your TV remain cooled off by making the room colder. Putting your TV in an open area rather than an enclosed stand will also help it stay cooled off.

Look for Power Cord Damage

The power cord may start to fray or face connection issues as you use your TV. Make sure you review the cable for any signs of damage. You can look at the following parts to see if your cable causes your TV to restart:

  • Cuts, breaks, or exposed wire on the cord
  • Bends on the metal part of the cord or wear and tear on the TV end
  • If either end is loose or not completely plugged into the TV or outlet

If you notice any damage to your power cord or the ends, you must replace them as soon as you can. You need to find a power cord for your TV model to make sure you purchase the correct type.

As for loose ends, you can unplug the TV from the outlet and plug it back in. Make sure you do so with the other end while firmly plugging them in. If they tend to wiggle or move, your TV may reset whenever it or the cord moves.

Check the HDMI Cables

Depending on the situation, your TV may reset because of the HDMI appliances. For example, some people plug video game consoles, TV sticks, or even computers into their TVs. However, they can interfere with the TV and cause it to face problems.

This means you should try and reset each appliance connected to the TV. Make sure you do so one by one to see which one caused the reset. As you reset each device, turn your TV back on to see if it fixed the issue.

You can also unplug the HDMI cables and plug them back in to see if this fixes the issue. If you notice one of the devices causes the TV to reset, you may need to leave it unplugged from the HDMI port until you can fix it.

Attempt a Factory Reset

You can perform a factory reset on your TV to see if it fixes the issue. Doing so sets the TV back to its original settings so that you can prevent the non-stop restarts. 

In addition, doing so will reset any settings or customization you applied to the TV, so only try this if the other steps don’t work. If you plan to perform a factory reset, you can try resetting it with or without a remote.

The Remote Method

First, you must unplug your TV from the outlet for a minute. After waiting, you should plug the TV back in and wait for it to turn on. If it doesn’t turn on automatically, you must press the power button. At this point, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Hold the up arrow and point it at the center of the TV.
  2. Next, press the power button on the TV while holding the up-arrow.
  3. Release the up arrow once the reset screen appears on the TV.

This method makes it easy for you to perform a factory reset. You can make changes and customize your TV to get it back to the way you had it before.

Resetting Without a Remote

If you can’t find your remote, you need a second person to help you with the process. For this one, you unplug the TV and wait a minute. After doing so, you should follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold down the lower volume and power buttons simultaneously.
  2. Have someone plug the TV back into the outlet while you continue to hold down the buttons.
  3. Let go of the buttons once the Sony logo appears on the screen.
  4. Contact Customer Service

If none of these tips help you, then you need to call customer support for help. Make sure you prepare the following information to save some time:

  • The model of your Sony Bravia TV.
  • The problem your TV continues to face.
  • The methods you already attempted to fix the TV.

Share this information to help the employee understand what steps to take if your Sony Bravia TV keeps restarting. For example, you may need to try different steps depending on the model of your TV.

Mentioning the methods you tried will save the employee some time since you won’t need to repeat those steps. 

Next Steps: Return, Refund or Repair Your TV

If you can’t fix your TV, you need to get a return or refund. Depending on the warranty for your TV, you allow yourself to receive compensation for it.

For example, if you purchase a one-year warranty and your Sony Bravia TV breaks in the timeframe, you can contact customer service. From there, you need to talk about your return options.

Most companies allow you to send the TV back to get a new one. On the other hand, another company may offer you a refund instead.

If the company doesn’t let you get a refund or a free return, you need to ask about your repair options. Most companies offer multiple repair options to help you overcome a problem.

The steps above will help you fix the restart issue most of the time. However, if none of them work, you need to get a professional to check on the TV.

A technician visiting stands out as a convenient option, but it usually costs more money. On the other hand, sending your TV in will take more effort, but it doesn’t cost as much money.

 If neither sounds appealing, you need to call a local repair company. Call the company ahead of time to see if they can repair your TV. If so, they may ask you to bring the TV in, or they might come to your house if you own a large Sony Bravia TV.