How to Update a SkyStream Android TV Box

Did you know that you need to manually update your SkyStream Android TV box every once in a while?

If you used a PC before Windows 10, you’ll probably remember having to manually check for updates. Most Android TV boxes have to be manually updated as well, and the SkyStream boxes are no exception. 

Thankfully. The team at SkyStream makes the entire process quick and painless. Even if you’ve never done it before, have no fear. I’m going to walk through the entire process for you here. 

We’ll be using the SkyStream Pro Android TV box. However, the process will be almost identical for the SkyStream One, SkyStream Two or SkyStream Three. 

Since the SkyStream Pro runs on Android TV instead of the mobile Android operating system, the screens are slightly different. But even if you have one of the older devices, I’ll call out those differences as we get to them. I’ve been using SkyStream boxes since the very beginning, so I’ve gone through this process dozens of times. 

First, let’s introduce the app that is going to do most of the heavy lifting. 

The SkyStream Updater App

The SkyStream Updater app has been around since the launch of the SkyStream One back in late 2016. It made the process of setting up and updating all of the apps on your SkyStream TV box super-easy. 

Before this, you’d have to go into each app separately and manually update each one. That meant going into Kodi directly and updating each addon. If a particular update caused a conflict with one of the other addons, it took a long time to troubleshoot. And that’s if you even could find where the problem was. 

SkyStream has always had a great customer service department. However, they found they were spending a lot of time walking customers through problems with addons that they didn’t create. 

Someplace along the line, someone had the great idea to create a “one -touch” installer that could install the most popular addons all at once.

These addons would all be tested to be compatible with each other, so the benefits to the end-user were obvious. Fewer app conflicts meant less time talking to tech-support and more time watching TV. 

That solution worked pretty well for the folks at SkyStream as well. 

SkyStream Updates: OTA (Over The Air) Update App

There’s two main parts to updating your SkyStream Android TV box. The first makes sure that you have the latest version of the Updater App. The second is using the Updater App to make sure that your addons and Media apps are updated and working the way they should. 

We’ll start with the OTA Updater. 

This app will take care of any major firmware updates for your SkyStream TV box, as well as updating the SkyStream Updater app itself. 

What is Firmware?

What are firmware updates? Without getting into too many details, firmware is the set of instructions that allows your operating system (in this case Android) to talk to the hardware components. 

For example, Android can’t directly talk to the memory on your device. There are simply too many different types of hardware for it to be able to communicate. It needs a middle-man that understands both languages. 

That middle-man is the firmware. 

Using the OTA Update App

To get to the OTA Update App, which is simply called OTA, you’ll need to open the App Drawer. 

If you have a SkyStream One: From the Home Screen, click on the My Apps icon in the bottom center of the screen. 

On the SkyStream Two: Starting from the Home Screen, click on the All Apps icon in the bottom center of the screen. 

On the SkyStream Three: From the Home Screen, click the icon on the bottom of the screen that looks like a 3×3 grid of small squares. This icon is between the Wi-Fi and Settings icons. 

On the SkyStream Pro: From the Home Screen, click the All Apps icon, which looks like a 3×3 grid of small squares. This icon is to the left of the top row of apps and is directly underneath the Google Assistant search bar. 

Once you’re in the App Drawer, it should look something like this. Obviously this will change based on how many apps you have installed on your SkyStream box.

The app we’re looking for is simply titled OTA.

Once opened, the app will show some specific information about your SkyStream TV box. In this case, you can see I’m on a SkyStream Pro and running Android version 9. 

You have the option of doing a Local Update or an Online Update. 

In most cases, you’ll want to do an Online Update.

A Local Update is available if you need to roll back an update to a previous version. You can also use it if the online update is somehow corrupted. 

Think of it as a safety net. If everything goes the way it should, you’ll never need to use it. 

Either way you go, you’ll be given the option to wipe your data and\or wipe your media. 

Again, in most cases, you’ll leave both of these options blank.

Wiping your data will delete any saved settings or apps that you have installed on your TV box.

Wiping your media will delete any movies or TV shows that you have saved to your device directly. If you access media on a network drive or stream it, then that media will not be touched. 

Once you click the Search button, the OTA app will go to SkyStream’s servers and attempt to download the latest firmware updates and install them. In this case, I happen to be running the latest version, so there’s nothing for it to do. 

It’s a good idea to check the OTA app at least once a month to ensure that you’re running the latest firmware.

If I ever have a problem with my Android TV box, updating the firmware is normally one of the first things I try. The vast majority of firmware updates are designed to fix bugs or add new features to the operating system. 

SkyStream Updates: The SkyStream Updater App

The SkyStream Updater app is also known as the Media Center Updater app or SkyStream TV Update app, depending on the version of TV box that you own. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is open the app. Let’s go through what the app looks like and where you can find it for each device. 

SkyStream One

The SkyStream TV Update app is found along the bottom quick launch row. You can see it circled in this image. 

If you’ve changed the apps in your quick launch row, you can find it in the App Drawer as well, using the same method that we talked about above. 

Updater app on SkyStream One

SkyStream Two

For the SkyStream Two, they changed the name of the app to the Media Center Updater app, even though the app looks almost identical when you open it. 

You can still find the app in the quick launch row. I circled it in this image. 

Updater App on SkyStream Two

If you’ve removed the app from the quick launch row, you can get to it by opening the App Drawer as we discussed earlier. 

SkyStream Three 

You’ll find the Media Center Update app in the App Drawer. 

SkyStream Pro

Open the App Drawer by clicking on the Apps icon in the top row of the home screen. This should open a window that takes up the right-hand side of the screen. You can see the Media Center Updater app circled here. 

Updater App on SkyStream Pro

The Media Center Updater App

At its core the Media Center Updater App is incredibly simple and easy to use. 

When you first open the app, no matter which SkyStream TV box you have, the app will look almost identical. 

Update SkyStream TV box with the Media Center Update App

Here you see the giant Media Center Updater logo and a standard disclaimer. The apps that you’re updating aren’t owned or maintained by SkyStream directly. Be aware that you take responsibility for using them. It’s the same concept as buying a computer through HP, but you’re mostly using Windows. HP provided the hardware, similar to how SkyStream provides the hardware in the TV box. Both need software to run, but that’s from other sources.

Click on the Continue button. 

This screen will change depending on the version of SkyStream box that you have. It also updates frequently since the folks at SkyStream often find new apps that are a great fit for their customers. 

In older TV boxes, you may only see options for Media Center with Adult Add-Ons and Media Center without Adult Add-Ons (Family Friendly). You’ll only select one of these and they’ll automatically configure Kodi with many of the most popular add-ons. 

What I like about the SkyStream Updater App is that they’ll add new apps that they think are valuable and they’ll also remove apps that don’t work anymore. 

It takes a lot of the guesswork out of configuring Kodi. 

Depending on when you’re checking, there could be additional apps as well. In this image, you can see that I have the option to install Cinema HD, CyberFlix, Live NetTV, MediaBox HD and Unlock My TV

You can add as many as you like (or none at all) simply by clicking the Install button on the right-hand side of each item. 

Once it finishes, click on the Continue to Player button at the bottom of the screen. That takes you directly into Kodi. 

If it’s your first time opening Kodi, it’ll run through some additional setup processes automatically. You don’t need to do anything, but it may take a minute or so to fully load everything. 

That’s it. In less than five minutes, you can update your SkyStream Android TV box and start watching movies and TV shows. 

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