How to Delete Downloads on Android TV Box [Complete Guide]

The more we use our Android TV boxes, the more random pictures, movies, and APK files we accumulate. Unfortunately, these downloads aren’t always stored in the same location, so they can be tough to track down and delete.

In this article, I’m going to show you the two most popular locations to find downloads on your Android TV box, and how to delete them.

But first, we’re going to need an Android file manager.

Required: An Android File Manager

Your Android TV box might have come with a file manager, right out of the box. But, chances are it’s ES File Explorer, which got banned from the Google Play Store back in 2019.

For whatever reason, even brand-new TV boxes are still coming with ES File Explorer installed. If you see it on your Android TV box, I recommend deleting it and installing another file manager instead.

But which one should you install?

Recently, I tested every file manager that I could find on the Google Play Store for Android TV, including a couple of premium options.

Easily the best of all of those options was the X-plore File Manager. It’s a free app that even beat out a lot of premium apps. BTW, you can check out the entire roundup review here!

If you already have a favorite file manager, you can still use it to delete the downloads on your Android TV box. However, all the screenshots below will be from the X-plore File Manager.

How to Delete Downloaded Files on Android TV Box

There are two main locations for downloaded files on your Android TV and TV box, and we’re going to look at both.

To start, open X-plore, or whatever file manager you prefer.

Most file managers, like X-plore, will have some kind of split-screen interface, which makes copying and moving files super-easy.

There’s a vertical menu ribbon running up-and-down through the middle of the screen. On the left side of the screen is your Android TV box’s internal storage. On the right, is a duplicate instance of the device’s internal storage, as well as any network or web storage you have as well.

First, click on the Internal Shared Storage line to expand that selection.

X-plore Android file manager

Here you’ll find all of the sub-folders that’s on your Android TV box.

Both of the downloaded file locations will be at this level of detail, so we won’t need to dig any further.

Delete downloads from Android TV box using X-plore file manager

How to Delete Files from the Download Folder

The default location for downloaded files on your Android TV box is the Download folder. If you have an Android phone, this is also the default location for their downloaded files as well.

Android TV box Download folder

The X-plore file manager makes it really easy to see exactly what files you have in the folder, what type of file they are, and how much space they’re taking up.

In this case, I have two APK files that I’ve sideloaded on my device, and a JPG file from my favorite Android TV website (shameless plug).

To delete a file, you just highlight the file and click on the Delete button in the center menu.

Alternately, you can long-press on the file itself to pull up a contextual menu.

Deleting files from Android TV box download folder

In either case, clicking Delete will pull up a confirmation box, just to make sure. Click OK to confirm and delete the file.

Confirm delete

How to Delete Files from the Downloader Folder

The Downloader App by AFTVNews is my favorite method to sideload APK files on my Android TV box. If you’re not already using it, check out my tutorial here to get started.

However, my one complaint is that it puts downloaded files in a different location than you’re used to. So if you’re trying to save as much space on your Android TV box as possible, don’t forget to check here as well.

Android TV box Downloader folder

In this case, I’ve got two APK files that I installed using the Downloader app, but forgot to delete after I was done.

It’s always a good idea to delete the APK files immediately after installation, so you don’t have to go back through X-plore and delete them after the fact.

Same as before, you can either highlight the file and click the Delete button in the center menu, or long-press on the file to pull up the contextual menu.

Confirm deleting file from Android TV box Downloader folder

Click OK to confirm and delete the file.


There are two main locations for downloaded files on your Android TV box and Android TV.

The default location is the Download folder. This is where you’ll find most of your downloaded files, including anything that you’ve transferred over or downloaded from a web browser.

If you sideload apps using the Downloader app, you’ll find those files in the Downloader folder.

You’ll need to check both folders to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

To save even more space on your device, check out my article on how to delete unused apps (even system apps) from your Android TV!

Tim Wells