How to Install the Kodi Netflix Addon [Step By Step]

If you have Kodi versions 18 (Leia) or 19 (Matrix), the Kodi Netflix addon gives you an easy way to watch all of your Netflix content, right from within Kodi.

And in this tutorial, I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to install the Kodi Netflix addon on your Android device. All of the screenshots were taken on my NVIDIA Shield TV, running the Android TV OS and Kodi 19.0.


First. let’s get some important stuff out of the way. This is not an official Kodi addon, developed by Netflix. It’s also not included in the official Kodi repository, so you will need to enable unofficial addons in order to install it.

Most importantly, this Kodi addon will not give you free access to Netflix. You’ll still need an active Netflix subscription to stream content. Moreover, if your Android device isn’t certified by Netflix, you’ll still be limited to SD content.

So with all those limitations, why would you want to watch Netflix through Kodi, and not just through their app?


If you’re like me, you probably hate switching between all of your different streaming apps.

With the right addons installed, Kodi can let you go from watching Jupiter Rising on Netflix, directly to watching The Boys on Amazon Prime Video. If you have Kodi managing your media library, then you truly have all of your content in one place.

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How to Install the Kodi Netflix Addon

Installation of the Kodi Netflix addon is pretty straightforward, especially if you’ve already installed an addon from a zip file before. However, if you’ve only ever installed addons from the official Kodi repository, then there are some additional steps that you need to do first.

We’re going to go through everything step-by-step, with a lot of screenshots, so you don’t get tripped up along the way.

Before we get started, let’s figure out what version of Kodi you’re running. CastagnaIT (link to his GitHub page), who developed the Netflix addon, has a different version for Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix. You’ll need to download the correct version, or it won’t work properly.

First, go to the System menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.

Then click on the System Information icon on the top row.

Kodi System menu

The System Information screen has some really useful information on the device you’re running Kodi on, like the screen resolution, available memory, storage and even your IP address.

In this case, we’re going to look at the very bottom of the Summary Tab.

Kodi System Information screen

Under the Version Info heading, you’ll see the Kodi version (build) that you’re running. In my case, I’m running version 19.0.0.

Now that I have my Kodi version, I know which version of CastagnaIT’s Netflix addon to download and install.

Allow Unofficial Addons

The first step is to allow Kodi to install addons from Unknown Sources. Kodi has an official repository of addons that have been developed and maintained by Team Kodi. This is similar to what Google does with apps on the Google Play Store.

If you’ve already enabled addons from unknown sources, go ahead and skip to the next section.

To start, go back to the System menu, and scroll down to the System icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

This takes you to the Settings\System menu.

Kodi System menu, System icon

From here, scroll down on the left-hand side until you get to the Add-ons menu, and click on it.

Note: There are four settings levels in Kodi, ranging from Basic, Standard, Advanced all the way up to Expert. In the screenshot below, you’ll see that I have the Expert settings enabled on my device. However, even the Basic level of settings will allow you to enable addons from unknown sources.

Kodi System \ Settings menu

Scroll down to the Unknown Sources setting and flip the toggle from blue (off) to white (on).

Once you do, a warning box appears. Since the Team Kodi developers don’t have direct control over addons that aren’t in their official repository, they want to make sure you’re aware of the risks.

I recommend only installing addons from trusted sources, with a good reputation in the Kodi community – like CastagnaIT’s Netflix addon.

Kodi Unknown Sources warning box

Click yes to proceed. Now, we’re ready to download and install the Netflix addon.

Download CastagnaIT Repository

I always recommend going directly to the source when possible. In this section, we’re going to be going directly to CastagnaIT’s GitHub page for the Netflix Kodi addon.

I’ll show you two ways to get the files: either a direct download through the links below, or through your web browser so you can install it later. Both take you to the same GitHub page, but using the links below lets you skip a few steps.

Option 1: Direct Download (The Quick Way)

Here are the direct download links for CastagnaIT’s Kodi repository. Team Kodi updated the underlying code in Kodi 19 to Python 3, so the Kodi 18 version of the Netflix addon won’t work on Kodi 19, and vice-versa. Be sure to download the right version.

Either version gets installed from his repository, so you can enable automatic updates, so you’re always running the latest version.

Option 2: Download Using Web Browser (The Long Way)

If you don’t want to download the files directly for whatever reason, you can still get the files from your web browser.

You can use whatever internet browser you like to download the files. In this example, I’m going to be using the Downloader App, but it’s just as easy to use another browser – as long as they haven’t disabled file downloads.

In the search box or URL window of your browser, type the following:
Use the Downloader App to navigate to CastagnaIT's GitHub page

Depending on what browser you use, it’s going to look a bit different. For example, if I look at the page on FireFox, it shows up in a dark theme (light text on dark background). However, in the Downloader App, I see white background with black text.

CastagnaIT GitHub page

Scroll down to the Installation & Updates section to find the download links for each file. Remember to only download the version of the Netflix addon that works for your specific version of Kodi.

Install Netflix Addon in Kodi

After you’ve downloaded the zip file with CastagnaIT’s Kodi repository, the next step is to open Kodi and install it.

Scroll down the left-hand side menu until you get to the Add-ons section.

Kodi 19 Add-ons tab

Along the top row, you’ll see several options. We’re going to be using both “Install from zip file” and “Install from repository.”

The file we just downloaded isn’t just the Kodi Netflix addon. It’s a repository file, which also enables automatic updates.

First: Install from Zip File

So, we’re going to start by clicking Install From Zip File to install the repository.

Install Kodi repository form zip file (Kodi 19)

A warning box pops up as soon as you click on it saying “add-ons installed from a zip (excluding served repositories) will not auto-update and must be manually updated.”

The way we’re downloading the Netflix addon is one of those served repositories. If you don’t want this addon to automatically update, there’s an alternate installation method on CastagnaIT’s GitHub page.

Kodi 19: installing addons from zip will not auto-update

Next, navigate to the location where you downloaded the zip file in the previous section. In my case, the Downloader App saves all files in /storage/emulated/0/Downloader, but this may be different for your device or web browser.

Once you locate the file location, select the correct version and click OK. Remember, version 1.0.0 is for Kodi 19, while version 1.0.1 is for Kodi 18.

Select correct version of the Kodi Netflix addon

When you click OK, you’ll see a pop-up box in the upper right-hand corner letting you know that the CastagnaIT Kodi addons repository has been installed.

Pop up box: CastagnaIT Kodi addons repository has been installed

Second: Install from Repository

Now that the repository is installed, we can install and enable the Kodi Netflix addon itself. Click on Install from Repository in the top-row menu.

This takes you to a list of all repositories that you’ve installed on your Kodi device. For this example, I only have two repositories installed, to keep it simple.

If you have more repositories installed, scroll down until you find the CastagnaIT Repository for Kodi 19.x (MATRIX) listing, or CastagnaIT Repository for Kodi 18.x (LEIA) if you’re running Kodi 18.

Select CastagnaIT Repository for Kodi 19.x (MATRIX)

Next, select Video Add-Ons.

Select Video Add-ons

Select the Netflix Kodi addon.

Select the Netflix Kodi Addon

This takes you to the addon detail page, where you can see some more information. Click Install to continue.

Install Netflix Kodi addon

Depending what’s already installed on your device, you’ll probably have some dependencies that need to be installed as well. In my case, I needed to install the InputStream Helper, but you may have others in addition to this.

Install dependencies for the Netflix Kodi addon.

Any dependencies you do need will be installed automatically, so there’s nothing additional that you need to do.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll see a pop-up window in the upper right-hand corner of the screen telling you the Kodi addon has been installed and Netflix background services have started.

Netflix Kodi addon installed

With that complete, we can go back to the Kodi Add-ons menu and log in to our Netflix account.

Set-up Netflix Account

You’ll need to have an active Netflix subscription in order to use the Kodi addon. This will not give you access to any content that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

However, it’s a little easier to use a VPN from within Kodi to get access to content that you might be locked out of otherwise.

From the Kodi Add-ons tab in the side-menu, click on Netflix.

Running the Netflix Kodi addon

The first time you run the addon, it’s going to ask you to authenticate your Netflix account.

There are two ways you can do this, either with your email and password, or through an authentication key. I recommend starting with the username\password method, and switching to the authentication key method if you run into issues.

Log into your Netflix account through Kodi

In rare instances, you could get an “Incorrect Password” error, even when you’ve entered your credentials correctly. This method is a little more involved, however. If you need to log in this way, the developer has set up some detailed instructions that can help.

Once you’ve entered in your credentials, you’ll see a pop-up window and a Login Successful message.

Successfully logging into your Netflix account

Using the Netflix Kodi Addon

Once it’s installed, the Kodi Netflix addon works a lot like the Netflix app. If you have multiple users on your Netflix account, you have to select a user as soon as you log in.

From there, the menu system should look pretty familiar. Here I am on my personal Netflix account, and you can see all of the same options, just adapted for the Kodi interface.

Netflix menu on the Kodi addon

That means your movies and TV shows are organized in a list format instead of the full-motion icons that we’re used to seeing.

However, you do get background art and a full-height poster art on the right-hand side. I scrolled through my entire watch list and didn’t find anything that didn’t have great, professional quality artwork.

Transformers: War for Cybertron on the Kodi Netflix addon

When you select a show, each episode has it’s own artwork and an episode synopsis on the left-hand side.

Transformers episode list

The Verdict

If you’re a Kodi user that also has a subscription to Netflix, then the Netflix addon is a no-brainer.

It’s incredibly well-done by a developer that is actively involved with the Kodi community. More importantly, Team Kodi fully supports asking questions about the addon on their official website – which isn’t common for many apps.

It’s not a perfect solution, however. The main advantage to using the Kodi addon for Netflix is that you have everything in one place. If you’re not using Kodi for everything, then you’re probably not going to get as much of a benefit out of this addon as you would otherwise.

If you run into any issues, Kodi has pretty detailed log files that will usually point you in the right direction. You can find out how to access the Kodi log files in my tutorial here.

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