How to Factory Reset Chromecast (3rd gen & Google TV)

No matter what version Chromecast you have, you’ll probably need to reset it back to factory specs eventually.


Resetting puts the device back to the way it was when you first pulled it out of the box. This is useful if you’re trying to troubleshoot an error, or add it to a different home in your Google Home app. It’s also a good idea to reset your Chromecast before you sell it or throw it away.

Even though there’s minimal storage space on a Chromecast, it still holds your Google account information until you reset it.

There are three ways to reset any Chromecast. Two of these methods will work on any generation of Chromecast, while the third is specific to the new Chromecast with Google TV.

Let’s get started.

How to Hard Reset Any Chromecast

Works on: Chromecast 1st Gen., 2nd Gen., 3rd Gen., Chromecast Audio, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast with Google TV

The easiest way to reset your Chromecast back to factory specs is to perform a hard reset. Every Chromecast version has a reset button, from the original 1st generation all the way to the newest Chromecast with Google TV.

1. Plug in Your Chromecast

No matter which version of Chromecast you have, they’ll need to be plugged in to do a hardware reset.

It doesn’t need to be connected to your TV, however. Each Chromecast has a status indicator light that will flash when it starts the reset process.

2. Locate the Hardware Reset Button

Usually this is an oval-shaped button found on the side of the device, close to the micro-USB power port. Here, you can see the reset button on this 3rd generation Chromecast.

Factory Reset button on 3rd Generation Chromecast

On the new Chromecast with Google TV, the circular button is found on the bottom of the dongle.

Reset button on Chromecast with Google TV

3. Press and Hold the Reset Button

With your Chromecast plugged in, press and hold the reset button until the status light begins to flash.

This takes about ten seconds for most Chromecast versions, except for the original. If you’re still using a 1st generation Chromecast, you’ll need to hold the button for approximately 25 seconds to start the reset process.

4. Wait Until the Status Light Stops Flashing

Once the reset process starts, you don’t need to do anything else. Once the status indicator light stops flashing and turns solid, the reset is complete.

How to Factory Reset Chromecast Using Google Home App

Works on: Chromecast 1st Gen., 2nd Gen., 3rd Gen., Chromecast Audio, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast with Google TV

If you don’t want to use the hardware reset we discussed above, or if your Chromecast is in another location, you can still reset your Chromecast using the Google Home app. This works for any Chromecast version, but it does require you to have your Chromecast added to a Home in the app.

In this example, I’ve set up a new Home, called ‘Vacation Home’ for my 3rd generation Chromecast. It’s attached to my Den TV. To make it easier to follow along, it’s the only device in this Home.

1. Open the Google Home App and select your Home

Chromecast on Den TV in Google Home App

2. Select your Chromecast

Select your Chromecast device to go to it’s detail page.

3. Open Settings

Next, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to go to the Settings page.

Chromecast Settings in Google Home App

4. Click on the Three Vertical Dots

In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see three vertical dots. Clicking on them opens up a special context menu with four options: Reboot, Factory Reset, Help and Feedback.

5. Select Factory Reset from the menu

This pulls up a message box to warn you that this is the point of no return. Removing this Chromecast will restore it to factory settings, and remove it from any accounts that you’ve added to it. This also removes the device from your Google Home app.

6. Confirm Factory Reset

This starts the reset process. As with the hard reset, there’s no additional action that you need to take.

As soon as the reset is finished, your Chromecast will reboot and you’ll need to go through the setup process once again.

How to Reset Chromecast with Google TV

Works on: Chromecast with Google TV

Finally, if you have one of the new Chromecast’s with Google TV, you can reset it back to factory specs through the Android TV Settings menu. Even though Google TV is a modified skin on Android TV, many of the same settings and processes will still work.

1. Click on Your Account Icon

In the upper right-hand corner of the screen you’ll see your Google account icon. If you’ve disconnected your Google account from your device (find out how here!), then the settings icon will be there instead.

2. Click on the Settings Icon

3. Click on the System menu

4. Click About

5. Click Factory Reset

This opens up a final screen to give you one more chance to cancel. Clicking Factory Reset here will reset your Chromecast and begin the reset process.

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