How to Install the IcDrama Addon for Kodi [September 2023]

Last Updated on August 28, 2023 by Tim Wells

IcDrama is one of the most popular Kodi addons if you’re looking for Asian movies and TV shows. With this addon, you can stream content from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

With different categories for each major country, IcDrama makes finding what you’re looking for easy. Content is scraped from various sites on the Internet, so you can get them all in one place.

Unfortunately, IcDrama doesn’t have an official website. The only way to get this content is by using their official Kodi addon.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to install the IcDrama Kodi addon step-by-step.

First, we will cover some basic information, like what version of Kodi you need.

IcDrama Kodi addon for Asian movies, comedy and drama


What is the current version of IcDrama?

The latest version of the IcDrama addon for Kodi is version 2.2.0. You can check the newest version on Aznhusband’s GitHub page here. To find out which version you have installed, open Kodi and go to the Add-ons Tab –> My Add-ons –> Video Add-ons.

Does IcDrama work with Kodi 19 or Kodi 20?

No. Unfortunately, IcDrama does not work with Kodi 19 or Kodi 20. Team Kodi changed from Python 2 to Python 3 between version 18 (Leia) and Version 19 (Matrix). IcDrama is not compatible with Python 3.

Is IcDrama working in 2023?

Yes. If you have Kodi 18.9 (or lower), the IcDrama addon works perfectly with Kodi.

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How to Install IcDrama Addon for Kodi

Alright. Let’s get started installing the IcDrama addon for Kodi.

I will walk you through the entire process, and it should only take a few minutes. All screenshots are using a brand new installation of Kodi 18.9 Leia, running on my NVIDIA Shield TV “Tube.”

Step 1: Enable Addons from Unknown Sources

By default, Kodi only lets you install addons from their official repository. So first, we’ll need to enable the setting that allows us to install third-party addons.

Go to the Settings menu and click on the System icon.

Kodi 18.9: Settings menu.

Next, scroll down to the Add-ons section and find the setting titles Unknown Sources.

Kodi: enable installing addons from unknown sources

Click to turn this setting on. You’ll get a message box warning you that the add-ons you install will have access to any personal data stored on this device.

Addons typically need access to the device’s file system to work, so this makes sense.

Click Yes to continue.

Kodi warning box for enabling addons from unknown sources

With installation from unknown sources enabled, head back to the main menu to continue.

Step 2: Add IcDrama File Source

In Kodi, you can install an addon in two ways. If it’s a standalone addon, you can install it from a zip file. However, if it’s part of a repository of many different addons, you must install that first.

Since the IcDrama addon is part of a repository, we need to install the repository first. To do that, we must tell Kodi where to find it. We will point Kodi directly at the developer’s GitHub page in this case.

In the Settings menu, click on the File Manager icon.

Kodi system menu: File manager icon

On the left-hand side of the screen, click on Add Source.

Kodi: add source

Once the Add Source dialog box opens up, make sure <None> is highlighted and click it.

Kodi: add source menu

This opens up the “Enter a path” dialog box. Enter the following and click OK.
Kodi: add aznhusband github as a file source

Next, name the source. You can name it whatever you like, but I recommend calling it IcDrama so you know what it points to.

Kodi: name the file source

Click OK to continue.

Kodi: adding aznhusband file source

Your new file source will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Now it’s available for you to install in the next section.

Kodi: file source successfully added

Step 3: Install the Aznhusband Repository

Now that we’ve added the GitHub source to Kodi, the next step is installing the repository.

On the main menu, scroll down until you see the Add-ons section. Then select Install From Zip File.

Kodi: install addon from zip file

This menu lists all the file sources you have configured on your Kodi device.

Click on IcDrama, or whatever you named it in the previous section.

Kodi: install from zip file

Next, click select Your version number could be different.

Kodi: select aznhusband zip file

You’ll see a message in a few seconds that the aznhusband-kodi-repo has been installed.

aznhusband Kodi repository installed

Step 4: Install the IcDrama Addon from the Repository

Now that the Kodi repository is installed, we can install the IcDrama addon.

In the Add-ons menu, click Install from Repository.

Kodi: install addon from repository

This will pull up a list of all the repositories installed on your device.

Since I’ve done this on a fresh installation of Kodi, I only have the official Kodi Add-on Repository and the aznhusband repository we installed earlier.

Click on aznhusband-kodi-repo.

Kodi: select aznhusband repository

Then select Video Add-ons.

Note: Here’s where the difference between Kodi 18.9 and Kodi 19 will become apparent. On Kodi 19, you won’t see a Video Add-ons section. You’ll only have an Add-on repository section.

Kodi: select Video add ons

Then select the Icdrama Kodi video addon.

Kodi: Select IcDrama Kodi addon

That takes you to the add-on detail page.

Click Install to continue.

IcDrama Kodi addon detail page

Depending on your system, you may get a window showing additional add-ons that will also be installed. These are dependencies that the IcDrama addon needs to work.

Click OK to continue.

Dependencies for IcDrama Kodi addon

Because I had so many dependencies, the installation took about thirty seconds to completely install on my Kodi device.

Once it’s finished, you’ll get a pop-up box saying IcDrama Add-on installed.

IcDrama add on installed

Head back to the Add-ons menu and click the IcDrama icon to run the addon.

Kodi addon menu: post installation
Tim Wells