Getting Started

What is TV for Android ? Let’s get started.

What is Android TV? In 2002 HD was introduced and redefined home entertainment for millions of viewers. in 2012 redefinition is just the beginning – welcome to the future of television with Android TV.

Not only does the android TV unlock a world of online TV and Movies streaming direct to your HDMI enabled TV, but it will give you access to games and applications via the Google Play market, social interaction via Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. And with xbmc, you have access to over 10,000,000 movies and shows.


TV/ Video

TV for Android can access many websites filled with hours of video from movies to the latest TV series. Your favourite shows and movies are now a click away, many available in high definition thanks to Android TV and your HDTV.



What is TV for Android ?Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on consoles and the games that comes with them and the constant pressure to go to the store and pick up the latest and greatest titles? Android TV brings the games store to your lounge with a huge range of titles from the google PLAY store – no longer confined to your mobile phone these games will be larger than life and fun for the whole family!


Online Shopping

TV for Android brings online shopping to the big screen by enabling you to view and interact with all your favourite e-commerce and shopping sites. Bringing a big screen auction house feel to your trademe or ebay experience – just remember to hide your wife’s credit card

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Online Chat & Video Calling

Remember when watching science-fiction and everybody was video calling. That’s all go now! Welcome to your own sci-fi episode with video calling on your big screen with your skype enabled TV for Android . Its easy and its free for 1 to 1 video calls and chat.


Youtube & Vimeo

TV for Android rolls into town and opens a film festival in your lounge with Youtube and Vimeo gracing your screen streaming indie and other great content straight to your screen.


Google Play Store

TV for Android uses the Google Play Store to bring all your favorite music, books, magazines, movies, TV shows, apps, and games to your tv. Its the mall. On your Tv. Have we mentioned hiding your credit card yet?


Social Media

Facebook and twitter get the rockstar treatment on TV for Android . Blown up the epic proportions the news, photos, gossip and good times keep coming and are entertainment for the whole family.


PC Features

TV for Android turns your TV into a super computer complete with emails, desktop publishing, photo editing and much more. you’ll never need to leave the comfort of you lounge – neither will your family, inlaws, neighbours, classmates, work collegues. Your going to need a bigger house.

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