Once you’ve connected to the internet, there’s no reason you really need to continue booting into the Android main menu in the future, so why not boot directly into XBMC? It’s easier than you’d think and will allow you to get the most satisfaction out of your XBMC experience on the Android operating system. You can always get back to the main Android menu by using the Exit XBMC button .It has gotten easier and easier to Install XBMC for Android and by following the quick guides which we’ve linked you to below, you should have no problem at all getting fully up and running with XBMC for Android on all your devices. Your first time might seem a bit confusing but rest assured, if you follow our very user friendly instructions there’s no chance of anything going wrong. We’ve meant to make it so easy that even a monkey could Install XBMC for Android.



Step 1: Launch the “Google Play” or “Android Market” application.

Step 2: Search for the “Startup Manager” application, then install it.

Step 3: Run the application and cleanup your startup programs to speed up your device.

Step 4: Add “XBMC” from the “Customize” tab.

Step 5: Reboot your device.

Congratulations! Your device will now reboot directly into XBMC in the future. You can always get back to the main Android menu to either use other functions or reverse the direct reboot by quitting XBMC.

Tim Wells

Tim Wells got his first computer at the age of ten and hasn't stopped tinkering ever since. After discovering Android TV boxes in 2013, he created a popular Android PC Review website and guided it to over 8 million pageviews before selling it in 2018. After a brief hiatus from the industry he's back at the helm of to bring Android TV boxes to the forefront of the streaming world. When he's not writing, he spends as much time as he can with his beautiful wife and his bulldog.

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