The Top XBMC Video Add-ons You’ll Want in November 2013

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The XBMC community is a wonderful place where constant develop keeps things moving and improving. There is a constant flow of new addons and unfortunately some of those addons also die out over time and support for them is sometimes ceased by the original addon developers. It’s for this reason that it’s important to be aware of what the most popular addons are on a regular basis that way you can install the new and improved one, and get rid of some of the older ones which might no longer do the trick. We’ll now jump right into listing the best addons as of right now, ones you don’t want your XBMC to be without!

(in alphabetical order)

Screen Shot 2013 11 13 at 9.45.47 PM The Top XBMC Video Add ons Youll Want in November 2013

Screen Shot 2013 11 13 at 9.45.51 PM The Top XBMC Video Add ons Youll Want in November 2013

You’ll find the repositories which contain each of the listed addons in brackets next to each addon name, fortunately all are easily installable through the Fusion Installer system. Just install the repository in brackets first through Fusion, then enable the addons you wish to use through the “Get More…” button within your video add-ons menu.

  1. PopcornFlix (Blazetamer’s Repository)
  2. 1Channel (Bstrdsmkr’s Repository)
  3. (TheHighway’s XBMC Addons)
  4. Bunkford (Bunkford’s Repository)
  5. Dailyflix (Addons by Vinnydude)
  6. Docu-Hub (Blazetamer’s Repository)
  7. EarthCam (XBMCHUB.COM Addon Repository)
  8. F.T.V (Kinkins REPO)
  9. Filmikz (o9r1sh’s Repo)
  10. FilmOn (Eleazar’s XBMC Add-on Repository)
  11. Football Today (lambda’s XBMC Addons)
  12. Icefilms (anarchintosh addons)
  13. Much Movies HD (lambda’s XBMC Addons)
  14. Project Free TV (Eldorado’s XBMC Addons)
  15. Reddi-Tube (Blazetamer’s Repository)
  16. Simply Player (lambda’s XBMC Addons)
  17. SportsDevil (Manual Install – video/sports folder on Fusion)
  18. The GiddyUp Network (Eldorado’s XBMC Addons)
  19. ustvnow (XBMCHUB.COM Addon Repository)
  20. Veetle (XBMCHUB.COM Addon Repository)
  21. VideoPhile (o9r1sh’s Repo)
  22. XBMC Karaoke addon (Rodrigo’s Repository)
  23. YouTube ( Add-ons)

Congratulations! Now that you’re aware of what the top XBMC video add-ons of the month are, maybe you can stop sitting on that old school configuration and get some new and improved functionality your way. Someone will enjoy it, whether it’s you, your spouse, your children or your cat is irrelevent to us.

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