New Navi-X 3.7.8 Released

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inddexToday, June 21, 2013 Navi-X 3.7.8 has been released.  Not long after their previous upgrade to version 3.7.7 under a month ago, Navi-X has now once again released another update script to the now current version 3.7.8. AndroidTVNews is particularily interested in this update and any update for that matter that gets released for this highly acclaimed program add-on for XBMC, Boxee Box, Android, & most recently the new Navi-X for Showtime (Mac/Linux).  This update however is strictly for Navi-X XBMC & Boxee Box.

Navi-X 3.7.8 Released Today June, 21, 2013

Over the last couple weeks we’ve been noticing many new live TV feeds, a huge increase of HD movies, TV Channels, TV Shows, and sport channels, all with faster loading times and more updated content.  This update will be the second update for Navi-X XBMC released this year.  You WILL need to update your Navi-X if you use XBMC to take full advantage of all the new features, faster buffering times, more updated movie and TV show lists and the only thing that AndroidTVNews finds a little baffling about the version is that upgrading on Mac, Android, And iOS there were different outcomes to what the homescreen looked like.  Some of our installs would remain the same new page they released in 3.7.7 but other installs they would switch back to their old homescreen.  This latest release of Navi-Xtreme is a monumental moment for us here at as Hands Down Navi-X is our Top XBMC Addon pick for watching videos of any kind including movies, TV shows, NEW improved sports feeds, TV Channel scrapers, Apps, Music, or any other type of media you can think of from “I Love Lucy” to the latest episode of any current television show either On Demand or Live.  Navi-X is by far the most versatile addon XBMC and it’s users have ever seen.  Some people never really get to enjoy all the benefits of using this plugin because of how much content is actually there.  The bottom line is, if you just take the time to learn how to use Navi-X (which shouldn’t take you ANY longer then an hour) then you will have no need to ever install any other addon or plugin again.  Navi-X is the most reliable and longest running XBMC addon and is this way because it is not like other plugins.  Navi-X is different.  It’s the most legal of all the addons for XBMC because it’s not hosting any file or movie.  It’s what’s called a “content aggregator” which means that it doesn’t host any free TV or Movie files, it’s simply an automated “spider” which combs the internet finding links to video and sorting them PLUS,  it’s a community of people which submit their favorite lists and collections of media on the internet they’ve collected links from.  This is probably Navi-X’s strongest feature, because by not even posting the movie sources themselves and having a community of ten’s of thousands of people just collecting links from everywhere makes it so that they really don’t contribute to any sort of piracy what so ever.


One major difference noticed by Team AndroidTVNews was that Navi-X decided to revert back to their old style of homescreen like me mentioned above.  Below is 2 images of the difference between Navi-X 3.7.7 and Navi-X 3.7.8.  It’s very easy to recognize the changes by first glance.

This is a photo of the previous update released on May 10th, 2013.  It shows the homescreen they released in that update 3.7.7.




In this photo of the Navi-X 3.7.8 update released Today June 21st, 2013 you can see how the Navi-X has the look of their homescreen by having it back in this latest Navi-X download BUT only on some installs.  This surely a bug that really doesn’t make a difference when using Navi, but a bug non the less.  Team AndroidTVNews is a little confused as to why they would go back to the old look when their previous one was much easier for the beginner Navi-X user.  By not cluttering their Home Screen in Navi-X 3.7.7 it made the XBMC program add on much more simple for the Navi-X beginner to get where they needed to go.  Beginners required less Navi-X help and support learning How To Use Navi-X 3.7.8.




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