K-R42 Hybrid Firmware (HFW) 1.2.1 by lewy20041

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This firmware is based on the latest one relised by geekbuying.com
I want to thanks geekbuying for donateing me this nice hardware,
i have to say that this box in my opinion is best choice of tv boxes and sticks for now.
Its have analog tv out, hdmi, 2Xfull size usb, 1xmicro usb otg, spdif, audio jack, rj45 and micro sd slot.

You can buy it here:

!For now only for K-R42 without bluetooth!

My website:


(some bugs may be present)

-cwm recovery (backup-restore your firmware)
-Xbox360 wirless gamepad butons remaped to support more games
-swich between 1080p kernel and 720p kernel with simple press of a button from your tv

-all futures of 1.2.2
-fixed remote mappings
-new base firmware
-new option Settings>Hybrid>TV Optimised Apps (points to my weebsite download section
with google tv apps, tv frandly apps, and some other useful apps)
-new option Settings>Hybrid>Download XBMC (point to latest nightles with HW accel)
-new options under Settings>Hybrid>Advanced
*reboot recovery
*reboot bootloader (it will get you to flash mode)
*swich resolution (i will provide this firmware with 1080p kernel, if you click swich
resolution it will swich to 720p, so you can wach movies in 1080p and lets say play
games in 720p if you want better performance)
-pached libmedia for xbmc passtrougt (need test)
-spdif passtrought should work out of the box (need test)
-latest wasser karnel (thanks for your help)
-some build.prop changes
-new folders in /mnt/ out of the box fro mounting nfs or smb shares
NFS_1 ; Samba_1
NFS_2 ; Samba_2
-mount smb, nfs scripts in /etc/init.d/ for mounting shares (edit to mach your shares and change permisions to “755″ “rwx r-x r-x”)
-alot of things i dont remember;p

-tincore updated to latest ver. (performance boost for games)
-new kernels 720p/1080p for K-R42, 40% like performance boost
-video stutter fixed
-download xbmc under settings>special (download the latest nightles with hw accel)
-usb adio fixed
-ir remote mappings fixed

-all futures of 1.2.0
-firmware migration (!there might be some bugs due to hevy changes, please post your findings!)
-new shutdown menu
-power off working as it should
-new base firmware (latest minix firmware)
-fixed setting/firmwork-res strings
-screenshot button can be turned off/on in settings (!change location of screenshot to sdcard!)
-autohide statusbar option in settings>display
-new 720p kernel to prevent reboots (from “ugoos ut1″)
-alot fixes, tweaks etc.

(last ver based on stock k-r42 rom)

v1.2.0 Final
-K-R42 720p/1080p
-spoofed as Galaxy SIII
-gamepad button on statusbar opens “Tincore Key Mapper” (you can play games like bad pieggies with mouse)
-build.prop tweaks
-gameloft fix
-2gb app space
-changed bootanimation
-deleted usles apps
-better webcam support (logitech webcams like c525 wasnt working before, now it works like a charm)
-bootsound suport (put any .mp3 into system/media and rename it to android_audio.mp3 it will be played at bootanimation screen.)
-auto install advancedsettings.xml for smooth 1080p videa playback in XBMC
-Default launcher option under HFW settings>Special (Chouse which launcher you want to use as default)
-nfs support
-init.d support
-added HFW version under settings>about device
-added some nice apps:
*ES Explorer (ver. before layaut change)
*Youtube for GTV 1.6 (due to login problems on 1.7.1)
-new settings (HFW Settings)
*Performance (you can change CPU clocks)
*Equalizer (need some testing)
*SuperSU (now it wil show here insted of app drawer)
*Terminal (//-//-//-)
*Xbmc Installer (//-//-//-)
-unlocked hiden options:
-new modules:
*ntfs.ko added
*virtual touchscreen.ko (720p)
-some visual changes
-modules package [provided with the rom package]
-disabled hdmi check for apps like “Xfinity, HBO GO”
-new visual (system bar etc.)
-power button on system bar
-clean home screen from usles shourtcats and widgets
-new wallpaper
-ic_sysbar_highlight changed to cyan
-ic_sysbar_lights_out_dot changed to transparent (no dots on status bar when waching movie on mx player etc.)
-deleted search bar from home



First tv box/stick firmware to switch between resolutions!
Mega.co.uz 720p/1080

Dev-Host 720p
Dev-Host 1080p


v1.2.0 Final
Devhost 720p
Devhost 1080p


Thanks go to:
leolas (for his help whenever i need)
phjanderson (kernels for t428)
hoabycsr (kernels for mk908)
FinlessBob (kernel pach for K-R42)
Wasser (kernels for K-R42)

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