12 Jun 2014

Watch live WORLD CUP BRAZIL with SportsDevil XBMC video addon

We all know we can watch live sports online, but sometimes it’s a right mission to get to where you want to go or find a good link to watch live sports right on the ANDROID  TV.
6 May 2014

How To Install XBMC to the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s latest innovation is a pretty cool contender for an Apple TV replacement, but as with all proprietary hardware devices, they don’t want you to be able to install any application you want on the Amazon Fire
9 Apr 2014

Installing Rockchip drivers for flashing Android TV

Please follow the instruction below to install the Rockchip drivers onto your computer for purposes of flashing your tablet with custom firmware etc. This is the Arnova 10G2 Method, please refer to your own tablet recovery mode.
8 Apr 2014

How-To Install the New Movie25 Video Add-on for XBMC

There’s a new add-on to hit the decks that you definitely want to know more about, it’s one that now interfaces with the popular Movie25.so web site and provides a whole lot of entertainment for your liking.
28 Mar 2014

Top New XBMC Addons for 2014

We just realized that there have been a whole lot of new add-on releases which we haven’t covered at all, so here it is. Since there are already more 1Channel alternatives than we can count, we tried
8 Mar 2014

K-R42 Hybrid Firmware (HFW) 3.2 by lewy20041

 K-R42 Hybrid Firmware v3.2 -fix black screen on some devices -fixed remote mapping -fixed nfs -fixed some stability bugs -flash custom kernel under setting-miscllaneous (place your kernel into /sdcard/HFW/ and rename it to kernel.img) !(make sure you
25 Feb 2014

Review of the Little Black Box Android TV Device

  Just over a month ago we were given the privilege of getting our hands on one of the latest devices to hit the XBMC consumer base. What is this mystery device you ask… The Little Black
20 Feb 2014

How to cache to External SDcard speed up video buffering !

Hi all, How to cache to External SDcard speed up video buffering, faster and smoother video streaming. After an extensive search for the answer for the below issues, I believe I found the solutions: a) Commoncache error
4 Feb 2014

Addon Browser, a Free App Store for XBMC

We’ve been hearing questions like what’s a repository, what’s an addon, and all kinds of other terms that are super difficult for the average layman to comprehend. In order to make things easier, we’ve created a kind
16 Jan 2014

Introducing the New Movie4k.to Addon for XBMC

There’s a new coder who has recently joined our community and although this Movie4k.to is his first original video add-on, it is far from being a newbie’s work. This coder goes by the name of Eleazar Coding
8 Jan 2014

How-To Configure your Device to Access the Internet through a VPN for Enhanced Privacy (and Watch Blocked Content)

  In this day and age, with governmental monitoring and censorship increasing as an exponential rate, using a VPN is almost a must, and if it isn’t yet, it will be in the coming years. Meanwhile, if